You can start by visiting the Case Studies page to read how other developers, property owners, management companies and home owner associations have planned and provided PEV charging infrastructure for their residents.

What can I do?

Building Owners and Managers

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  • A new service product
    EV charging is a new service that your clients will appreciate. This can be set up very cost effectively by planning ahead, offering the options, and making material investments only after there is a need and commitment from your clients
  • Client attraction and retention
    Simply offering EV charging at your facilities will send the message that you are interested in providing solutions for both present and future needs of your clients. It is the most forward thinking and proactive people that are moving to electric transportation. These are the kind of clients that you want to attract and retain.
  • Future proofing your property
    ​As plug-in vehicles become more common there will be common expectations on charging infrastructure. By installing some charging infrastructure now you will stay ahead of the curve and learn how to provide this service effectively.
  • LEED points
    Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) building certifications assign value for the availability of charging infrastructure at buildings. Your facility can receive extra points for offering this service to your clients.
  • Publicity
    Looking for good publicity and a place in the spotlight? Offering charging options will set you up as a leader and make your facilities as the hot new places to live and work. The best part of the story is that this all can be done with very small upfront investments
  • Property value increase
    Charging infrastructure availability will soon be a feature that potential buyers take into account when deciding on their next home. Providing charging infrastructure at your buildings can be one way to attract potential buyers and increase the value of the units while providing a valuable service for your members.

  • Green credentials and publicity By providing charging options you can show leadership in supporting sustainable transportation options.

Action Items:

EV charging as a value-added service
As a building owner/manager, you are constantly looking for ways to provide good value for your existing customers and to attract new ones. Electric vehicle charging services are a great way to support both of these efforts. Now is the time to learn more about this emerging field and get ready to provide these services when your customers start to ask for them. The most challenging aspects of multi-housing charging are managing a process involving several parties and finding solutions that provide the greatest cost-benefit ratios and convenience for the homeowner association, members, or tenants who use the system.
​In most cases these challenges can be solved with simple and cost-effective solutions, but they have to be designed to meet the needs of all parties. Every multi-dwelling complex will have its own advantages and limitations. Therefore, there is no “one size fits all” solution, and instead every infrastructure project will have to be designed based on the case at hand.
Our MHC Links page provides good resources for installation and other technical considertions.

Benefits for Building Owners / Managers

You can also visit the States page to get connected with local resources and contacts in your state.
  1. Talk with your customers about EV charging.
  2. Do a preliminary plan for potential locations for Level 1 (120V) and Level 2 (240V) charging infrastructure on your properties.
  3. Find out how other developers, property owners and management companies have approached this by visiting the Case Studies page.
  4. If a resident requests charging infrastructure, use the MHC Decision Process tools to calculate, decide and plan for PEV charging infrastructure.
  5. Visit the Links page and States page for more information about MHC related resources and contacts in your state.
  6. Learn, educate, negotiate and work to find the right solutions.  
Download the MHC Decision Process worksheets from the Tools page and use these tools to calculate, decide and plan for PEV charging infrastructure.