1. Visiting the Case Studies page to read how developers, property owners, management companies and home owner associations have planned and provided PEV charging infrastructure for their residents.

  2. Contact some of your larger customers to discover what they are thinking about multi-housing charging.
  3. Visit the States page for more information about MHC related resources and contacts in your state.
  4. Consider what roles your company could play in multi-housing charging.

  5. Learn, educate, negotiate and work to find the right solutions
  6. Figure out also how you could assist employers in providing workplace charging.

Action Items:


Shifting transportation from oil to electricity. Electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids sales are growing every month and PEV owners tell in surveys that they are very happy with their choice. This movement will mean a huge shift in the energy market. Energy that used to be delivered through gas stations will be replaced by energy delivered through home and workplace charging stations. This provides unique opportunities for dynamic companies to set themselves up as leaders in this field.

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Benefits for Utilities

  • Provide a valuable service for your clients, who may find this new area confusing
    Good information and practical solutions are still in short supply, so your company can provide a truly valuable service to your clients by helping them to find the right solutions.​
  • Set your company apart in the marketplace and attract new customers with a stronger service portfolio
    Especially in deregulated markets, the capability to provide solutions for multi-housing charging can give your company a competitive advantage.
  • Build brand-new revenue streams
    ​Helping your clients to offer charging solutions for their members and tenants will help drivers to move to electric transportation solutions. The more people move from Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) powered vehicles to Electric Vehicles (EVs), the more electricity they will use.
  • Receive positive publicity by championing sustainable transportation solutions
    Electric transportation has a great potential to decrease our oil dependency and increase the use of domestic, renewable energy sources.
  • Gather information about EV charging locations, loads and usage patterns
    The more engaged you get with charging infrastructure installations, the more information you will acquire about the locations, loads and usage patterns that they have. This early information and experience gained will be very valuable when charging infrastructure becomes more common.
  • Demand Response (DR) and Vehicle to Grid (V2G) capability
    Future DR and V2G technologies will allow dynamic control of vehicle energy flow while they are connected to charging stations. By promoting multi housing charging, your company will develop more flexibility in your grid.